We can proudly repeat the motto of
"Peace Is Our Profession!"

Strategic Air Command Video

(It  is unfortunate that the B-58 era was ignored)

We were assigned to the
Strategic Air Command

and stationed with the
43rd Bomb Wing
Carswell AFB, TX ~ 1960 to 1964
Little Rock AFB, AR ~ 1964 to 1970
and/or the
305th Bomb Wing
Bunker Hill AFB, IN ~ 1961 to 1970
(Renamed Grissom AFB
on May 12, 1968)
Alert Duty
Minimum Interval Take Off (MITO)
Our legacy includes winning"The Cold War"!
provided a strong defense, rather than engaging the enemy directly,
to protect the United States of America, our American citizens, and our freedom.

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Steve Kovacs, A/C, Crew E-35, Grissom AFB, 1968-70
Correction pertaining to Jerry Thompson's crew:  The Nav was Chuck Jones and the DSO was Art Shank.  We were in the 65BS, instead of the 63rd and the year was 68-69.

LTC Pete Kirkpatrick, 65BS/CC; Pilot, MAJ Bill Crowell; Nav, CPT Chuck Jones; DSO, CPT Art Shank; after landing from first crew mission.
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Recent Additions

Rod Diezman was assigned to the Bunker Hill 305th BW, 45th MMS on a weapons load team from approximately 4/64 - 7/66 when he received orders to the 8th TFW, 433rd TFS at Ubon RTAFB, Thailand.  Ray Bensch, Sr., went through Tech School, Bunker Hill, and Ubon with Rod.

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