Rather Having To Re-Invent The Wheel,
I Suggest individuals Visit the Superior Websites
Developed by Other B-58 Hustler Association Members
and Other Advocates of "Worlds First Supersonic Mach 2+ Bomber"

B- 58 Hustler

Former Association President, BJ Brown Site
B-58 Hustler's Hanger

Darrell Schmidt hosts another comprehensive website
B-58 Hustler House

Alex P. Brewer, Jr. Lt/Col. USAF (Ret.) created a comprehensive website now managed by his son, Randy A. Brewer
B-58 Hustler Page

John A. Weeks, III, provides his perspective
B-58 Hustler Survivors

Kossack Air Force

Cold War Relics - Convair B-58

The Aviation History Online Museum
Convair B-58 Hustler - USA

Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia

Convair B-58 Hustler

Likewise, purchasing books from B-58 Hustler authors
can provide first hand knowledge of their B-58 program experience

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