43rd Bomb Wing, SAC
Carswell AFB & Little Rock AFB 1960-1964                 1964-1970
305th Bomb Wing, SAC
Bunker Hill / Grissom AFB

Permission granted to display all Milviz, Inc., B-58 pictures.
Mach 2.1 = Approximately 1625 Miles Per Hour or 27 Miles Per Minute

Rather Having To Re-Invent The Wheel,
I Suggest individuals Visit the Superior Websites
Developed by Other B-58 Hustler Association Members

Alex P. Brewer, Jr., B-58 Hustler Association Director, created a comprehensive website
which is now managed by his son, Randy A. Brewer
B-58 Hustler Page

Darrell Schmidt, B-58 Hustler Association Director, hosts another comprehensive website
B-58 Hustler House

B.J. Brown, Immediate Past President of the B-58 Hustler Association President, also hosts a website
B-58 Hustler's Hanger

Likewise, Purchasing Books from B-58 Hustler Authors
Can Provide First Hand Knowledge Of Their B-58 Program Experience!

Currently the book, "The B-58 Blunder - How the U.S. Abandoned its Best Strategic Bomber",

is the best and most comprehensive publication available to describe the history of the B-58 Hustler History.
It is available on Amazon.com in both soft copy and in electronic format for people with Kindle readers.


 Other Advocates of "Worlds First Supersonic Mach 2+ Bomber"

John A. Weeks, III, provides his perspective
B-58 Hustler Survivors

Kossack Air Force

Cold War Relics - Convair B-58

The Aviation History Online Museum
Convair B-58 Hustler - USA

1957 LIFE Magazine

The B-58 article "A Missile With Men In It" is on page 193.

However, by reviewing this entire publication, especially the advertising,
 today's generation might marvel at our way of life during the period
when the World's First Supersonic Mach 2+ Bomber, the B-58,
was being developed and becoming operational 


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Three different Facebook sites are also available. 
A public Facebook site is intendedto increase advocate interest in our Association.  A private members only site, enhances the ability to contact each other for private conversations, and allows more timelyinteractions between the Executive Council and the membership.  Likewise, another private Facebook is intended to simplify Officer and Director interactions to enhance the communication and coordination of activities and administrative responsibilities.  When members and leaders are located nationwide, proximity is a factor in reducing participation.  A majority of the B-58 Hustler Association interactions can now be conducted on member only Facebook sites. Hopefully this will enhance greater participation and commitment.  People can run for administrative positions, host activities or functions, serve on committees, and/or provide data inputs, pictures, news articles, etc., acquired during their B-58 experiences. 

The B-58 Hustler Association is neither related to nor represents the U.S. Air Force or any official entity This website is solely intended to provide a comprehensive source of information pertaining to the legacy of the B-58 Hustler Mach 2 Supersonic Bomber and those involved in operations pertaining to its strategic "Cold War" mission.  The majority of inputs have been provided by those affiliated with B-58 operations. Every possible effort has been expended to provide credit to the appropriate references.  Copyright data, photographs and images are used with the consent and conditions of their owners, and should not be copied without their express permissions.  These pages contain hypertext links to external sites relating to the B-58 which are readily available to the public.  Thus, their respective authors retain responsibility for the content and crediting of the materials presented on such sites.  Likewise, we have no control over the accuracy, reliability, or validity of these data or sources.  Manydiscussions may contain duplication so individuals should carefully considerand select what theydeem to be factual, valid, reliable data that is applicable to their purposes.

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